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We also would like to thank you for visiting our Quasquicentennial Celebration (The Q) official website!

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Message from the Mayor

Welcome to Everett 125, the official website of the City of Everett, Massachusetts 125th Anniversary as a city. We also would like to thank you for visiting our Quasquicentennial Celebration (The Q) official website! Here we will display photos from the past, calendar of upcoming events and products to purchase to show some Everett Pride!

As your Mayor, it has always been important for me to make sure that my administration offers a variety of programs, events and opportunities for our residents and it is ever so important this year as I host Everett’s “The Q” 125th Anniversary as a City in 2017. Coming together as a community is essential as we, the people of Everett are the life and soul of the City. In order to keep our community alive and vibrant, we need, not only to live and work together, but also to recreate and celebrate together. We hope that you all take full advantage of those events, whether you’re a resident or a visitor.

I am extremely proud of Everett’s rich history, and hopes to continue its progress as Mayor throughout this quasquicentennial “Q” year. Feel free to browse through our site and on behalf of the City of Everett, we look forward to seeing you in our events this year!

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3rd Annual Halloween Bash








City of Everett 3rd Annual Halloween Bash


Veterans Day Service


Annual Christmas Tree Lighting


Election Night


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What Does the City of Everett Mean to You?

Everett is more than just a City. It’s a home, a place to grow, an education, a career, a friendship, a community and so much more. Whether you have grown up in Everett or have crossed paths at some point in your life with this city, it truly goes without saying that Everett has helped define who many of us are. Share your story of what Everett means to you! Visit our Everett Pride page to read through stories!